Remap File Service



Given our in-depth experience with emissions control devices like DPF's and EGR's over the years we have inadvertently become the market leaders in DPF off, EGR off, software. No lights left on the dash after flashing with our files. We use only the very best software in the making of our files.

 We supply dealers and independent traders/masters throughout the world with files, as well as hobbyists, aswell as our own dealer network. We also don't discriminate against your master tool, all master files are priced the same as slaves and are unlocked fully.
If you’re interested in becoming part of our fast growing dealer network get in touch now, we offer full training and tooling packages to get you started right away along with 10 free files to get you off to a roaring start. We are resellers of KessV2, Ktag Autotuner, b-flash, CMD, and a host of other tools.
Call or email us today to purchase files with no waiting and no fuss.

Just sign up, send us the file, and its back in your inbox before you've done chatting with your customer!

We offer full training for all our tools via skype, we also offer one to one support if needed!


We can also supply a powergate3 tuning box which will allow to tune your own car using our files, effectively going straight to the file maker! Check it out on the bmw i8 tuning page