This Package includes the following:


1 x Powergate tuner including map files:



Performance tuning your BMW I8 has never been so easy, we offer a range of performance options, from stage 1, to a full custom stainless steel exhaust system with with remote control valve and the worlds first PROVEN recorded pops and bangs and burbles package map.

Wether your looking for extra power for fast road applications, race, or like the majority of owners you feel the car came lacking feel or "spirit" and feedback from the factory, whatever your looking for, remapping is the first port of call.


Our stage 1 remaps offer the best blend of power, drive-ability, reliability, and fuel economy all in one package, by far our most popular option for cars with no modifications running stock parts.

STAGE 1 - with pops and bangs

This map is our stage 1 map settings, but with an added surprise. This map is to be used in conjunction with our custom stainless exhaust system.

This map take advantage of weeks of research and sleepless nights into making the I8 engine sound better.

We now believe we have the perfect combination of lift of pops and bangs, overrun burbles, and shift dumps (noises on up-change).

When used with our custom exhaust the I8 is transformed into an addictive, fast visceral, and responsive machine with faster throttle response, improved 0-60 times, and fantastic audible feedback through the exhaust, reconnecting you to the car in a way most owners always felt was missing.


We offer this service on a small "slave" unit which will come preloaded with our map files, ready for you to upload to your car once you have scanned and saved your own file to the unit.

Each slave unit is capable of uploading your factory tune at any time, and then back again, giving you the freedom to use any of our maps at anytime without the need for an expensive outside tuner, this way you buy the kit once and your covered for good!

BMW I8 Tuning Tool

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