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Tractor Tuning

Call Now on 07840170546


CALL NOW ON 07840170546

We can repair/remove your Ad-Blue system in a completely undetectable fashion
Meaning no more Ad-Blue bills with no drawbacks. Our methods are undetectable by your dealer, VOSA, MOT tester, or road side check. Our Ad-Blue solutions are 100% software based, meaning no box's or tell tale wiring, finally a true solution.

Our AdBlue delete service will electronically disable the AdBlue system along with removing the associated dashboard lights and warning messages. Disabling the AdBlue system is normally completed by reprogramming the engine management system.

Our AdBlue delete service is strictly sold as an off-road use only product, driving your vehicle on the road with an AdBlue delete could result in prosecution. Our HGV and Agricultural AdBlue service is to be used only for vehicles which are to be exported outside of the European Union. It is your responsibility to declare your modification to the relevant authorities.

Call Now on 07840170546
  • Increased power and torque for increased loads

  • Reduced gear changes on hills

  • Smoother power delivery

  • Improved MPG during normal usage helping to reduce fuel bills.

Tuning a tractor has many benefits particularly if you are running a large fleet, we tune bearing in mind mechanical sympathy within tolerances. There are many benefits from improved fuel economy to making torque control better and on request we can change the gains of power and torque specifically for each request custom.

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